Happy New Year!

For those that ask, I wanted to make a list of the things I could list that I’m currently working on, just wrapped on, or is pending release in the near future. A lot of stuff I’ve been writing music for is about done and will come out soon, so stay tuned.

It’s weird, and that’s mostly due to how games work — you don’t usually talk about what you’re working on until its done and out. And other times you can’t! But I’ve been writing lots of music!

So, here’s some of what I’ve got going on right now as far as games go. This list, of course, is missing a few things that I can’t talk about yet. But between those and all of these I promise you I’ve been working. More news later this year on these and more. Again, Happy New Year!


Developer: | Publisher: TBA | Release: TBA | Platforms: TBA | Webpage
A beautiful action game with an expansive emotional journey told through dreams. This game is going to be special — calling it now. Brilliant ideas, a creative team, and lots of heart. This project is pushing my creative boundaries and I’m excited to see how it all turns out.


Developer: The Crag Parliament | Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment | Release: TBA | Platforms: PC, PS4 | Webpage
A Swiss-developed action game that explores the Gaulish and Helveteian mythos. Dark and beautiful, imaginative, lovingly crafted. I’m proud to be writing the soundtrack to this title.


Alchemic Cutie
Developer: VAKMAN | Publisher: Circle Ent. | Release: 2019 | Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, PS4 | Webpage, Steam
A casual and hilarious adventure RPG. I’m writing the most chill, peaceful, pretty, charming music I can for this game.


The Long Return
Developer: Max Nielsen | Publisher: TBA | Release: 2019 | Platforms: PC
This exploration puzzle-platformer follows an orphaned cub on its way home. Lovely low-poly imagery inspired my strings and piano soundtrack. So far this work has been good for my soul.


Plague Huntress
Developer: Bare Feet Games | Publisher: TBA | Release: TBA | Platforms: | Webpage
Even though it’s not done yet, Brazilian-made Plague Huntress has already racked up a fanbase. The dark fantasy action title’s sharp look and gorgeous Twitter gifs sell it to fans of metroidvania-type games. My soundtrack is just as dark and retro (tiny sound memory, direct console sound) and I hope it does it justice.


Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker’s Daughter
Developer: Rose Portal Games | Publisher: Rose Portal Games | Release: 2020 | Platforms: PC, consoles | Webpage, Steam
This adventure RPG follows a girl whose family has gone missing at a ship breaker’s yard. I have the pleasure of working alongside Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) on this score so I’m doing my best to follow his lead.


Ray’s The Dead
Developer: RagTag Studio | Publisher: Adult Swim Games | Release: 2019 | Platforms: PC, PS4 | Webpage, Steam
It’s a zombie action-puzzle game, a love letter to the 1980’s, and has tactical elements! The soundtrack has absolutely no boundaries so I wrote so many types of different music for it and had so much fun doing it.


Medusa and Man
Developer: ship of ELYN | Publisher: Playism | Release: Soon | Platforms: PlayStation VR | Webpage
A VR partner-action game developed in Saitama, Japan, where Medusa and her lover (!) battle alongside each other. Music ranges from emotional to hardcore.


Wizard of Legend
Developer: Contingent 99 | Publisher: Humble Bundle | Release: Out now | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch | Webpage, Steam
We’re not done yet!


Developer: Red Blue Games | Publisher: TBA | Release: 2019 | Platforms: PC, Consoles | Webpage
This gorgeous pixel game’s music work just kicked off full steam in January 2019. The game follows Ada, a genius engineer that uses gadgets to fight enemies and solve puzzles.


Sky Trader
Developer: Feudant Interactive | Publisher: TBA | Release: TBA | Platforms: PC, Consoles | Steam
This is a beautiful top-down RPG airship game with pirates and sky battles and trade and exploration. It was a thrill to create flying, explorative music for this title.

And More! More on these and others soon:

Sparklite — very excited to work on continue work on this lovely game— Website
SumiKen: Ink Blade Samurai — I did a console-type score for this mobile game — iOS (Out now)
EF Universe — multiple games’ scores — Steam (Some out now)
When the Shutter Stops — Work continues soon! — Steam
Sky Trader — A flying, adventuring score. — Steam
Faulty Apprentice — Aditional music. — Steam
I helped on Super Lucky’s Tale
Some mobile games like Authentic Snake Simulator, SOS-CC and others.

More later! I have albums and other cool things in production and a couple more games that I hope will be announced later this year. Thanks for checking in with me. Happy 2019!