It just occurred to me how many theme songs I’ve written for various organizations and purposes. I thought I’d lay them out here to both share and for me to take tally and keep track of them.

For Nintendo, I had the pleasure of writing three theme songs. I composed the Nintendo Minute theme and jingle, the Nintendo Power podcast opening theme, and the Nintendo eShop The Download theme, which has become wildly popular on its own for some reason. All were an absolute honor and I still can’t get over how many millions of people hear these songs every month.

For game storefront and indie game publisher Humble Bundle I had the honor of composing their official jingle and boot logo. This song and its accompanying logo video can be found in the introduction of all the games they release! It was most recently used in the intro of the wonderful game Wandersong.

And I’ve done a lot of official theme songs for Podcasts out there. Here are some of my favorites:

And more are coming. Some very exciting ones, too! For now, enjoy this playlist of my best theme songs and I’ll update this post and the playlist as more are released.