Today marks the release of my latest soundtrack for a lovely upcoming game called The Long Return. It’s a gorgeous puzzle adventure that tells the story of an orphaned cub. You follow along as he retraces his steps through the last journey he took with his mother. It’s…emotional. And hopefully you hear that in my score.

On the personal side this project came along at a time where I was really feeling the need to express myself musically. I’m lucky to get to create music for games everyday but sometimes you just have that need to go all out into your own direction. Developer Max Nielsen let me do exactly that and I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity. Being able to pour my heart into this meant so much to me. I hope you hear that in it too.

Anyway, it’s out now! On Bandcamp, iTunes, on Spotify, and really everywhere else. I would love it if you gave it a listen. It’s probably my most personal work yet so it would mean a lot to me.