One of the games I'm working on is coming to the Nintendo Switch very soon. Wizard of Legend by Contingent99 is a fast action dungeon crawler with lots of personality. And it's hard! And fun.

The soundtrack I composed for it tries to capture that energy as well as touch on the magic and combat elements that give the game so much of its character. So the level music is fast-paced and rhythmic, with pulsing, syncopated synths and the funkiest bass lines I could muster at those tempos. And on top of that foundation you'll hear strings and woodwinds doubled with shimmering pads and synth leads. Off-beat supersaw stabs, time signature changeups, crazy polychords -- I had so much fun creating this soundtrack.

But...but you won't hear much of that in the trailer. You'll have to wait a little bit more for Wizard of Legend to release.